laparoscopic appendicectomy

Author Name: Dr. Aditi Agarwal (M.S.General Surgeon)

Laparoscopic Appendicectomy

What is appendicitis?

Pain in periumbilical region which later shifts to right side of abdomen.

Nausea – feeling of vomitting



Loss of feeling to eat

How to confirm if I have appendicitis?

Clinical history plus radiological or pathological evidence.

How does appendicitis occur?

It occurs due to blockage of the lumen of the appendix by stool, foreign body, worms or cancer.

What is advantage of getting a Laparoscopic surgery for removal of an appendix?

Entire abdomen is visualised; co existing lesions can be picked up.

Small scar

Fast recovery

Early mobilisation

How long does it take to recover from surgery?

Post laparoscopy you are mobile the same day and you can join back work in a week, while open surgery would need approximately two weeks to recover.

How long is the hospitalisation?

In 1 – 2 days you could go back home and in a week, join back to work.

How serious is appendix surgery?

If it bursts open you would need an open surgery to take off the pus. It is relatively a safe surgery.

Will appendicectomy affect my fertility?

Appendix and fertility have no relationship, you will remain fertile.

Can there be recurrence?

No, your appendix is removed